Cordwood Signs, Gateways & Statements

There are some very amazing signs and billboards being created as art work and not for residences.  Billboards, fences, signs and gates are being built with a cordwood motif.  Here are a few examples. Cordwood garden archCordwood garden gate for your daily wood “fix” on the way to harvest tomatoes and lettuce.Merrill sign 2Four of these Welcome to Merrill signs grace the entryways to our fair city.Andy Goretski Cordwood sign 2012This one has a digital sign that changes every couple of minutes to let folks know the happenings at the local rec center.Cordwood Sign MerrillAnd finally this is a good example of how to frame and finish the sign before hanging the placard.  These are 6″ x 8’s, pressure treated posts with 8″ cordwood infill.  There are keyways running up the inside sides of the posts to hold the cordwood firmly in place.

Cordwood Construction Best Practices Front_Cover_-_CC_Best_Practices small pixels

Click on the book cover or visit to see more pictures, read brief articles and look at books and plans.    Email with questions.



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