Cordwood flooring moves outdoors in Slovakia

Martin Tyciak built this gorgeous cordwood patio-terrace at his home in Slovakia .  Here the 2 inch cordwood slices are being hammered into place so they are level.  The base of gravel had already been tamped to make a firm and level  foundation. Martin Tyciak 2.jpg Slovokia fruit woodMartin used wood from fruit trees for his patio.  Martin Tyciak 1
Martin Tyciak 6.jpg Slovokia fruit wood.jpg patio terraceA dry mix of river sand, broken stone ballast and cement fill in the empty spaces.  The more unique the slices the more interesting the patio. Martin Tyciak 7.jpg poochNod of approval from the blue-eyed hound.  Note that the patio is built within a framework. Martin Tyciak 3.jpg Slovokia fruit woodThe mixture of sand, cement and ballast  is given a light water bath to make it set up.   We have found that it is best to seal the faces of the log slices before using grout or mortar in the “in-between” spaces. Martin Tyciak 5.jpg Slovokia fruit wood.jpg patio terraceIf necessary, before the mixture “sets up” the patio is vibrated with a hand stamper to make certain it continues to be even and level.   Martin’s dog gives the final “paws” of approval!Martin Tyciak 4.jpg Slovokia fruit wood.jpg patio terraceHe “abrasioned” the log faces before finishing (to make the surface less slippery).  Then he used Anti-Slip Decking Oil from the UK to make the surface not be slick and to seal it from the elements.  Here is the link  to the product

Very nice work Martin and thank you for sharing your beautiful patio/terrace.  Your dog seems happy with his new play area and I’m sure you are too.

Cordwood Construction Best Practices Front_Cover_-_CC_Best_Practices small pixels 640 x 480

If you are interested in learning more about Cordwood Construction for home building or floor making, please click on the picture of my book and it will take you to the website.



4 responses to “Cordwood flooring moves outdoors in Slovakia

  1. Very nice work. Can you tell me please what kind of oil did you use ?

  2. What a beautiful patio project. Thank you for sharing.

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