Most Beautiful Cordwood @ Ravenwood (New York) Part 1

One of thee most beautiful cordwood homes I have ever had the pleasure of seeing is the lovely home of Bruce Kilgore and Nancy Dow in the Adirondacks near Saranac, New York.  This home is energy-efficient to the max and uses only 2 full cords of firewood to heat this two-story,  earth-bermed, double wall, living roof cordwood beauty.  This is 9000 heating degree days country, which means it is plenty cold!

The living roof helps to keep heat in and provides a year-long bucolic display.  Colorful bottle ends light up the interior of the guest cottage which served as living quarters and a practice building.   Continue Reading about how Bruce and Nancy made their home energy efficient and beautiful as well, on our new website.  Cordwood Construction


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