Cordwood Article in LaCrosse Tribune

The LaCrosse Tribune’s Allison Geyer wrote an outstanding article about Cordwood Construction in the Saturday, July 12, 2014 edition of the LaCrosse Tribune. The article not only gives a concise and accurate history of why and how we built our cordwood home in 1979, but it also details the reasons for building with cordwood in the 21st Century.

LaCrosse Tribune Cordwood Article

LaCrosse Tribrune artilce 1Kristine, Jarad and Mike decide on log placement for the cordwood sauna.

LaCrosse Tribrune artilce 2

The stunningly beautiful cordwood chapel with thatched roof,  is ready for to provide a sanctuary for reflection.

LaCrosse Tribrune artilce 3

The interior is filled with motifs from nature.  This is the sunrise wall with plants, flowers and trees.  The center of the door has wood carvings to honor the Native American  presence in Buffalo County.

LaCrosse Tribrune artilce 4

The sideways slabs are the stems and the bottles are the flowers.  Imagination knows no bounds when building with cordwood.

To learn more about Kinstone Permaculture Academy 

To learn more about Cordwood Construction

Email with questions  (copy and paste this email address)


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