Cordwood Sauna Workshop

We had the distinct pleasure of teaching a Post & Beam Framing Workshop and a Cordwood Workshop at Kinstone Permaculture Academy on June 12-15, 2014.  The students were wonderful, energetic and full of ideas.   We used the first two days to frame the Cordwood Sauna.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014  framework of the sauna

This is a 12′ x 16′ sauna that is next to the camping facilities and solar showers at Kinstone. Here the students are learning to frame a building and keep it level & plumb.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 leveling the post

Damp proof rolled roofing is in place (to stop water migration) and the first post is being leveled and anchored.   Holes are drilled in the foundation and 3/8″ angle iron, anchor sleeves and lag screws are added to keep the building from going anywhere.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 sleeve anchors angle iron brackets and lag screws to secure the post

It is important to have “many hands on deck” to keep these large 8″ x 8″ girders in a secure place.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 final girder in place

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 learning to use a chop saw

Students had an opportunity to learn how to use power tools safely with instruction and supervision. Many students shared their expertise.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 putting on hurricane ties

Hurricane straps are important to secure the top rafters from wind shear.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 Jarad and Richard explain how its doneDiscussing and learning to “problem solve” on a job site is one of the many advantages of taking a workshop.

The framing is now ready for cordwood infill.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 mixing a batch with bandanas

The first step in cordwooding, is learning how to prepare and use a proper mortar.  The bandana’s are fashionable dust masks.

workshop kinstone june 2014 planning their work working their plan or mugging for the camera

Many hands make light work:0)

workshop kinstone june 2014 first row

The first row is the most important!

Folks are happy when they learn the proper techniques.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 Roger and Deb

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 busy hands and focused intentions

Tuck pointing is a learned art.  Rubber gloves are important to keep the hands safe.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014  bottle end

Learning to install a recycled bottle for a “stained glass” effect.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014 group photo

It was supposed to rain on the last day, but the rain held-off and we were able to get quite a bit of work completed.

Workshop Kinstone JUne 2014  ready to cover with tarps

The building is now ready for the next workshop.

Kinstone sauna 2 with logo interior

The finished product.  Ready for some heat!

If you are interested please go to and click on the Workshop links on the right side of the page.

For information, photos, articles and books on Cordwood Construction, go to  if you are interested in books, ebooks, DVD’s check out the Online bookstore 

Want to take a workshop from the comfort of your own home?  This DVD is for you.

Cordwood Workshop DVD 3

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