Hybrid Cordwood Cottage in North Carolina

Clarke Snell co-author of the excellent book, Building Green, spoke to our Cordwood Workshop at Love’s Organic Farm in September of 2007 near Marshall, North Carolina. We then followed him to his Building Green Cottage site where he gave the class a tour and explanation of the various wall types (cordwood, cob, strawbale, earthen plaster, and a living roof) and delineated their pros and cons. It was a very interesting visit.

 Sierra Exif JPEG

Clarke giving an explanation of the cob and cordwood wall

 Sierra Exif JPEG

The synergy of the cob and cordwood wall. Sweet!

 Clarke Snell's hybrid cordwood cottage in NC with living roof

The cordwood wall with large overhang

 Random pattern cordwood with bottles, shells and marbles.

Flowers & cordwood with Tulip Poplar

Sierra Exif JPEG

Star pupils building a wall with smiles.


Checking the log end faces to see which one goes next.

Clarke giving tips on building a living roof like making a fine cabinet.  Pay attention to detail and seal every joint.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We have more workshops coming up in Wisconsin, Idaho and Michigan.  Here is a link to the Cordwood eNewsletter  http://cordwoodconstruction.org/img/springnewsletter_2015.pdf
All the best,

Richard Flatau

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One response to “Hybrid Cordwood Cottage in North Carolina

  1. I have been loving your cabin posts. It looks so beautiful and serene. That whole “hand of god” things seems pretty real there. I’m glad you shared these photos, they’re so great!

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