Mermaid Cottage in Colorado

Near Del Norte, Colorado there lies a beautiful cottage made of cordwood, recycled glass bottles and mermaids.  Built by KimAnna Cellura-Shields it is a testament to the possibilities of building with log ends, glass and mortar. Mermaid Cottage 1   The kitchen provides a lovely place to start the day!Mermaid Cottage kitchen Colorado   The bedroom is filled with a strong post and beam framework.  The bottle ends provide for a rainbow of light each sunny morning. Mermaid Cottage 1   Here is KimAnna tuck pointing the cordwood, while getting ready to plaster the strawbale.  Hybrid cottages are becoming the rage, taking the best of the natural building worlds. Mermaid Cottage 1d KimAnna runs the Peace of Art Cafe (which is also cordwood and bottle ends) and the Cafe’s website and trading company Peace of Art Cafe in Del Norte, CO 2 According to her website these businesses are for sale.  If you are interested please visit the website to learn more. Mermaid Cottage 1e KimAnna And finally the bathroom is ablaze with colors and mermaids and fish.  An appropriate place to get the day started! If you are interested in learning the cordwood construction technique you might be interested in reading a book, taking a workshop or building a small starter building.  You can get started by going to and looking at the eNewsletter, the Workshop Schedule and the Online Bookstore.  The latest book on cordwood is Cordwood Construction Best Practices available in ebook, print or CD/DVD at

Cordwood 320 x 414Construction Best Practices Front_Cover_-_CC_Best_Practices


One response to “Mermaid Cottage in Colorado

  1. Wow! I was in on the class that set the frame and started the cordwood for this project. Kimanna is awesome! Glad to see it in its finished form.

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