Kinstone Cordwood Chapel update

The Kinstone Cordwood Chapel continues on pace to completion.  Weekend workdays are helping to finish the walls.   Motifs with a nature theme are being placed in the walls:  night, day, stars, wind, river, trees.

Here are some pictures of the first completed 12 foot section.

The six sided chapel walls are being completed at a natural building pace.

The tension ring helps the roof to maintain its structural integrity.

The river wall begins its meandering through the chapel.

The river wave gives a sense of ebb and flow.

The scaffolding crew is proud of their work. The large Cedar rams horns are visible on each side near the corners. .

The mortaring crew poses for an end-of-the day photo. L to R (in the windows) Jarad & Kaitlyn, bottom L to R Kristine, Trout Christine, Richard, Becky, Mordor Miranda.

Bottle ends made from vases from the Thrift Store.

Becky and Kirsten are proud of their river motif wall.  The stone circle is visible in the background.

A good look at how the bottle ends are made and mortared into the wall.


For more information on cordwood construction go to:

2 responses to “Kinstone Cordwood Chapel update

  1. Such a great work. Nice work with wood and bottles.
    Hand Demolition

  2. What a great looking building in a beautiful setting. Will look for it the next time I’m over in the Buffalo County area.

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